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Tack Strap Mini Cam - 2PK

Tack Strap Mini Cam - 2PK

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  • Innovative 4-Way Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap: The Mini-Cam Tack Strap by Stapll is a unique and innovative Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap, ideal for strapping large or awkward items where a normal Cam-Buckle Strap would roll or vibrate off; Nylon webbing, in conjunction with a cam buckle, enables secure fastening for heavier items, such as water jugs, tool boxes, lumber, filled coolers, and more
  • Adjustable Anti-Slip NBR Rubber Pad: The adjustable anti-slip NBR Rubber Pad allows you to control the placement of your Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps like never before; Effortlessly adjustable and secure with the cam-buckle mechanism, featuring double stitching for enhanced strength, and anti-abrasive webbing
  • Center of Pressure Technology: This feature focuses a center of pressure (CoP Tech) over whatever it is you're strapping down, ensuring maximum stability and security for your items; Features plastic-molded, steel core hooks to prevent scratching
  • Durable and Replaceable Components; Each 4-way Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap includes 2x adjustable 60" Cam-Buckle Straps, 4x durable steel core hooks, and 1x NBR rubber grip; The Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps can easily be removed from the rubber grip and replaced when needed
  • About Us: No matter how savagely epic your next adventure is, you can rely on your STAPLL Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps, straps, and truck storage products to help you get there; We combine thoughtful design and high-end materials to make gear that helps you stay confident in any situation
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