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Tack Strap Mini Cam - 2PK

Tack Strap Mini Cam - 2PK

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  • Innovative 4-Way Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap: The Mini-Cam Tack Strap by Stapll is a unique and innovative Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap, ideal for strapping large or awkward items where a normal Cam-Buckle Strap would roll or vibrate off; Nylon webbing, in conjunction with a cam buckle, enables secure fastening for heavier items, such as water jugs, tool boxes, lumber, filled coolers, and more
  • Adjustable Anti-Slip NBR Rubber Pad: The adjustable anti-slip NBR Rubber Pad allows you to control the placement of your Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps like never before; Effortlessly adjustable and secure with the cam-buckle mechanism, featuring double stitching for enhanced strength, and anti-abrasive webbing
  • Center of Pressure Technology: This feature focuses a center of pressure (CoP Tech) over whatever it is you're strapping down, ensuring maximum stability and security for your items; Features plastic-molded, steel core hooks to prevent scratching
  • Durable and Replaceable Components; Each 4-way Nylon Cam-Buckle Strap includes 2x adjustable 60" Cam-Buckle Straps, 4x durable steel core hooks, and 1x NBR rubber grip; The Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps can easily be removed from the rubber grip and replaced when needed
  • About Us: No matter how savagely epic your next adventure is, you can rely on your STAPLL Nylon Cam-Buckle Straps, straps, and truck storage products to help you get there; We combine thoughtful design and high-end materials to make gear that helps you stay confident in any situation
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Surprisingly Great Tie Down Straps

At first, I thought the $40 price (at time of review) was a bit steep. However, once I had the product in my hands and used it for the first time, $20 per unit is actually a very good deal. The quality of the straps, hooks, cam buckles, and protective rubber pad are as good as you could imagine. This will be very durable and will last a long time even when it gets wet. The system is easy to use and versatile. This set up is great for smaller items/loads and lets you quickly secure items without worrying about or dealing with long straps. Having the crossing straps secured together is both useful in securing items and for keeping the straps organized when not in use. Highly recommend.

Useful addition to the tie down set

The center plastic holder gives stability to whatever you're trying to hold down, whereas we previously had to use several bungie cords to "build" up stability using multiple attachment points from several different directions. We had to do this in order to get the tension distributed evenly across oddly shaped items. This solves that problem and is what we needed to secure a propane tank in the upright position. Clever design.

Awesome tie downs!

These STAPLL Mini-Cam Tack Straps are awesome for strapping down oddly shaped items! I ordered them specifically to strap down 3 gallon gas cans in the back of the truck for camping season, but I think they'll also be getting a ton of use for our things. After playing around with them I might order another set to use with the kayaks to strap on fishing gear or a seat for my dogs.

Overall I do recommend these STAPLL Mini-Cam Tack Straps. They seem to be very sturdy and good quality and I would definitely buy them again!

Great gift

Got this for a little gift for my dad to use with his truck. He hauls around furniture on occasion, and other things, and just thought this would be a good gift for him. He liked it, but I am not sure how often he has gotten to use them. They are easy to use, seem fairly durable, and are priced great.

Great for strapping a gas can to a motorcycle

There are those times when 5 or 6 gallons of fuel is all you need to get by on the homestead and you don't want to take the 4x4 into town to get it. I can strap a gas can to the rack on the back of my Sportster and save a ton of money. This strap makes that very easy and safe.